Taking into account the experience accumulated, the European Commission has developed SANI II system. The European Commission opened it for Member States on 8 July 2007.

Main changes introduced in SANI II system:

  1. SANI II system is available in all languages of Member States. SANI I is available only in English. However to avoid confusion of user profiles, category titles in the system will be kept in English.
  2. New SANI II system is envisaged also for submission of summary information about aid measures which according to conditions of the Commission regulations are exempted from the previous notification to the European Commission.
  3. New SANI II system gives a possibility to create system user groups. The system gives a possibility to create 2 kinds of user groups:
  • Case team is made of institution representatives preparing the notification. When starting preparation of the notification the system user gives possibility to other representatives of the institution to follow the notification preparation process from the very beginning. Every user included in the notification preparation group can look at the notification in any stage, and every time when any of group members makes amendments to the notification receives a message in personal e-mail. New group member can be included and existing group member can be excluded at any notification preparation stage. Mandatory requirement: when the notification in the system is finished at least one Signatory should be included in the user group; however when signing the notification in the system at least one Validator should be included in the user group.
  • Special user group is created by the Local System Administrator. Establishment of special user groups gives a possibility to group registered SANI II system users. Respectively, when preparing a notification it is possible to include the whole notification preparation group at the same time, thus all members of particular group get access to particular notification.