In order to simplify procedures in the State aid control field, on June 16, 2009, the European Commission adopted new documents, namely, Code of Best Practice for the conduct of State aid control procedures (OJ C 136, 16/06/200900, p. 0013-0020) and Notice from the Commission on a Simplified Procedure for Treatment of Certain Types of State Aid (OJ C 136, 16/06/2009, p.0003-0012).  

The purpose of the above mentioned documents is to improve effectiveness, transparency and predictability of the State aid control procedure in all aid assessment stages therefore facilitating voluntary cooperation between the European Commission and Member States. Documents especially ask Member States to intensify communication before notification of the planned aid measure to avoid possible difficulties in examination of the case at the very begging or to acknowledge that the planned aid measure as a compatible aid according to legislative regulation of the State aid control. Also the above mentioned documents comprise new planning documents which will make dealing with both complicated and simple cases more effective. It is possible to apply the simplified procure to aid measures notified to the European Commission as of 1 September, 2009. 

New documents and simplified procedure described thereof, as well as the order for application of the simplified procedure are available on the web site of the DG Competition:

Notice from the Commission on a simplified procedure for treatment of certain types of State Aid

Code of Best Practice for the conduct of State aid control procedures

Information for press about adoption of new documents in the State aid field – frequently asked questions in English