The Stability Programme of Latvia is a medium-term policy document, describing Latvian fiscal policy and which has been prepared following the conditions and guidelines of the Stability and Growth Pact. The Stability Programme is focused on implementation of strict and sustainable fiscal policy and on the provision of macroeconomic stability.

On November 3, 2022, amendments to the Law on Budget and Financial Management entered into force, where Article 28 stipulates that from now on the Stability Programme of Latvia is not only submitted to the Saeima, but the Minister of Finance reports on the Stability Programme of Latvia at the Saeima session, in a report including information on the macroeconomic development scenario, fiscal policy strategy and medium-term goals of fiscal policy, as well as on possible priority development directions of the state budget.

This will strengthen the role of the Stability Programme and promote a political discussion at the legislative level (including the level of the general government and its sub-sectors) about the medium-term goals and directions of the fiscal policy, possibly involving other competent institutions in the discussion.