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On Tuesday, 7 March, the Cabinet of Ministers considered an information report and a draft order on the transfer of state-owned vehicles to Ukraine without reimbursement. The Cabinet decided to transfer eight state-owned vehicles to Ukrainian Ministry of Defence army units, the Vinnitsa Regional Clinical Hospital and the Kupyansk Council Territorial Medical Association without reimbursement.

“I am proud that together we can! It took just over a month from idea to realisation. I am grateful for the support and active involvement in the process of the State Revenue Service, my government colleagues, the Committee on Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption prevention and the Members of the Parliament for unanimously supporting the amendments to the Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Civilians. Once again, we have demonstrated our unity in our support for Ukraine. I believe that every act of support, big or small, brings us closer to victory in this senseless war. Special thanks to the pioneer of “Tviterkonvojs”, Reinis Pozņaks and his team for supporting the idea, for the work they have put into the assessment of the vehicles and for the planned practical work on the delivery of the vehicles,” emphasised Arvils Ašeradens, Minister for Finance.

According to the Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Civilians, vehicles belonging to the State can be transferred to the Government of Ukraine without reimbursement in order to help prevent the consequences of the emergency situation related to the hostilities in Ukraine and to support Ukrainian society. This is another way in which Latvia will help Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.

“This is important support for Ukraine, because every vehicle on the front means a life saved. The transfer of the vehicles approved by the government today is very good news for the five units of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, as well as for the three medical institutions for which these vehicles will be an essential support in liberating Ukraine and saving lives,” said Reinis Pozņaks, Agendum representative and the founder of the “Tviterkonvojs”.

The State Revenue Service (SRS) keeps records of property belonging to the State, controls its valuation, disposal, free transfer, destruction and payment of the proceeds to the State budget. In order to transfer the state-owned vehicles mentioned in the order without reimbursement, the SRS cooperates with the association Agendum, which will ensure the delivery of the vehicles to Ukraine and their transfer to the Ukrainian government institutions, taking all necessary actions and covering all related expenses.

Agendum receives requests for assistance from various Ukrainian government institutions regarding the need for vehicles. The SRS provided the association with an up-to-date list of state-owned vehicles, which the association evaluated according to the requests for assistance received. The SRS offers for evaluation to the association vehicles that have been used on the road in Latvia and are in good running order.