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This week, Latvia's European Union (EU) fund communication specialists participated in the annual EU funds communicator forum INFORM EU in Hannover, organized by the European Commission (EC), where Latvia presented the implemented EU fund project communication campaigns and activities. Latvia's communication campaigns were outstandingly ranked first in a competition of eight countries.

INFORM EU, the forum organized by the EC, brings together around 300 EU fund communicators from all EU Member States every year. This forum is an EU level communication specialist network, responsible for EU funds communication. The main goal of the network is to promote the competence of EU Member States and regions in the field of EU communication, visibility and transparency, at the same time providing a platform for cooperation between the EC and EU Member States.

“Although Latvia has a small number of EU fund communication specialists compared to other EU Member States, there are a lot of implemented activities that stand out for their quality and creative approach. At the EU level, we have been positively evaluated several times, and the high recognition is gratifying this time as well. At the same time, Latvia's implemented EU fund communication management and coordination system has been very appreciated at the EU level," points out Ieva Gaigala, EU funds National Communication Coordinator of Ministry of Finance.

At this year's forum, eight member states – Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium, Latvia and the Interreg cross-border cooperation program – had the task of presenting the communication campaigns and measures implemented in their country in three rounds, thus sharing good practice in ensuring the communication of EU fund projects. Latvia's representatives presented Ministry of Welfare's communication campaign "Step into each other's shoes!", which is dedicated to the EU-funded deinstitutionalisation projects in Latvia, and other activities.

In order to help overcome barriers to the development of an inclusive society, deinstitutionalisation projects are being implemented in Latvia with the financial support of EU funds (European Regional Development Fund - 48 million euros, European Social Fund - 49 million euros), deinstitutionalization projects are being implemented in Latvia, within the framework of which there are and are being created new places of service more relevant to people's needs in Latvia, as well as community-based services that enable people with special needs and also children forced to live in out-of-family care to integrate into society.

Misunderstanding, prejudice and the resulting rejection by society are the biggest barriers to people with disabilities living outside institutions and to their own development - they make them feel inferior and often contribute to self-isolation. To support children with functional disabilities and their families, people with mental disabilities and children without parental care by promoting their acceptance in society, the Ministry of Welfare launched a campaign calling for people to "step into each other's shoes" or put themselves in each other's shoes before rejecting and turning away.

Social campaigns "Step into each other's shoes!" video

Photo: Helge Krueckeberg

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