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From 7th to 11th of August AFCOS Latvia hosted colleagues from Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine to share experience on protection of EU financial interests and measures to combat fraud. The visit contributed to strengthening the capacity of the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine, bringing Ukraine closer to meeting the conditions of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine.

The first project activity can be considered successful. A productive discussion on key topics in the field of protecting the EU's financial interests emerged. I think we created a good collaborative model within which we can continue to develop what we are doing. Although the project is focused on providing support to the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine, we understood that we can also learn from their experience and adopt several valuable ideas,” said Nata Lasmane, director of the EU Funds Audit Department of the Ministry of Finance of Latvia.

During the visit, Latvian experts demonstrated the system of protection of EU financial interest established in Latvia and the measures introduced to fight fraud. Together with the representatives from Ukraine, an analysis of the laws and regulations of Ukraine in the prevention, combating, investigating and prosecution of fraud was carried out. As a result, areas where improvements are needed were identified and experts agreed on further project activities.

The visit is organised within the project “Support for Strengthen the Capacity of the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine in the Field of Protection of Financial Interests of the European Union”. It aims to promote the establishment and implementation of the system of protection of European Union's financial interests and strengthen the capacity of the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine. The project received development cooperation financing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia in 2023.

Finanšu ministrijas Eiropas Savienības (ES) fondu revīzijas departaments uzņem Ukrainas Ekonomiskās drošības biroja kolēģus