Applicable to overpayments resulting from the tax calculation of the tax year 2022 and subsequent years.

The SRS shall automatically refund the tax overpayment in the post-taxation year from 1 October to 31 December, if certain conditions are met:

  1. the taxpayer has not registered economic activity, has not obtained income abroad, has not obtained other income regarding which the information is to be included in the declaration and the tax shall be paid in accordance with summary procedures;
  2. the taxpayer does not have tax debts;
  3. automatic refund of the overpaid tax will only be possible if it is formed as a result of the following factors:
    1. annual differentiated non-taxable minimum;
    2. the non-taxable minimum of a pensioner, if the pensioner receives only a pension in accordance with the laws and regulations of Latvia;
    3. additional allowances (for persons with disabilities, politically repressed and members of the national resistance movement);
    4. progressive tax rate;
    5. in certain cases, the under-use of the allowance for dependents;
    6. the taxpayer's own eligible expenses related to the person's contributions to private pension funds and insurance premium payments made under a life insurance contract;
  4. the SRS has information regarding the current personal current account in a credit institution registered in the Republic of Latvia or a payment service provider to which the refund of the tax overpayment is to be made.

By 30 September of the post-taxation year, the taxpayer must provide information on the current account to which he or she wishes to receive an automatic refund of the tax overpayment.

The taxpayer has the right to refuse to receive automatic tax overpayment refund by 30 September of the post-taxation year.