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A person wishing to provide temporary professional services in the profession of sworn auditor regulated in the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter - applicant) shall submit a declaration regarding the provision of temporary professional services (hereinafter - declaration) to the Latvian Association of Sworn Auditors (hereinafter - LZRA).

Process description

  1. Submission of a declaration TO THE LZRA
    The applicant shall provide the declaration with the documents specified therein to THE LZRA.

    Documents to be submitted
    Declaration on the temporary supply of the service

  2. Assessment of the declaration and documents
    THE LZRA checks the declaration and the accompanying documents. If the declaration has not been completed correctly and the documents attached thereto have not been duly completed or have not been submitted, THE LZRA shall ask the applicant to rectify the deficiencies identified. If the education and professional qualifications of the applicant differ from the requirements specified in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia, THE LZRA shall prescribe to perform a qualification check.
    The proficiency check is THE LZRA charge service.

  3. Transmission of the decision to the applicant
    THE LZRA shall inform the applicant of the recognised declaration or decision on the determination of the proficiency test of the applicant.