EEZ un Norvēģijas granti Jaunumi

On Tuesday, May 10, the Cabinet of Minsters (the Cabinet) reviewed the monthly report of the Ministry of Finance (MF) on the status of implementation of European Union (EU) funds and approved diversion of EEA and Norway grant financing in the amount of EUR 150,000 for the support of Ukrainian refugees in Latvia.

The provision of the support to Ukrainian people in Latvia will have to be ensured in the long-term. Therefore, we are grateful to Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein for their operational action and possibility to provide this support in a very short time and without bureaucratic limitations by using EEA and Norway grants,” says the Minister of Finance Jānis Reirs.

Considering Russia’s invasion in the territory of Ukraine initiated on 24 February, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein invited the Ministry of Finance to consider possibilities to divert financing from the EEA and Norway grants under the Bilateral Cooperation Fund for the support of Ukrainian refugees. Considering the proposals by the Norwegian Embassy in Riga, it was decided that EEA and Norway grants amounting to EUR 150,000 will be diverted to the foundation “” for implementation of the initiative “Help to Ukrainian refugees in Latvia”. In addition, also other initiatives for up to around EUR 237,382 for dealing with the European refugee crisis in Latvia, including for the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Latvia, will be considered.

Within the framework of the initiative, the foundation “” will provide its services to Ukrainian refugees on an equal basis with Latvian population. The support of EUR 150,000 will be provided according to refugees’ needs in several aid programmes, for example, by providing support to poor families with children, poor old people, people in emergency – for acquisition of everyday essentials, etc. It will be possible to receive the support in the charity warehouse which provides material support and temporary food support. Within the scope of the social aid, “” will cooperate with local governments which have admitted Ukrainian refugees.

The aid will be provided also in the field of non-state paid medical services provided in Latvia, which includes treatment, surgeries, medicines, rehabilitation, dentistry, technical aids, as well as treatment of war wounds, and also aid to children with severe diseases will be provided. In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, specific surgical treatment will be provided to those who have suffered in the act of war in Ukraine.

Furthermore, “” will provide support in contacting state and local government authorities by advising on the available help and the procedure of application for receiving aid from state and local government authorities. In the case of Ukrainian refugees, this will be an important component of the aid, considering both the language barrier and the lack of experience.